Dumpster Rental for homeowners in North Dakota

My name is George, and I have moved to North Dakota from Miami recently. I got fed up with the warm weather and tourists walking around everywhere and decided that North Dakota is the perfect place for me. There are not that many people, the weather is changing by the season, and the local people are super friendly. Anyway, I found a house on the market located in Jamestown, after a couple of months of searching. The house was old, and it needed an overhauling, but the price was right, and it had space and a garage I needed for my car.

I packed my bags and left Miami for good. I am a construction worker, so I thought that I would do the redecorating along with a couple of friends myself. We came to the house, packing all the tools and materials we needed for the job. The only thing that was missing was a big rental dumpster for the debris and old walls we had to take down. I got on the phone with the local dumpster rental company and asked them for a 20-foot dumpster; the 30-foot dumpster was more than we needed, so I didn’t want to pay extra.

The starting

The guys from the company arrived on time with the dumpster. We worked out the price for the two-week long period I needed the dumpster for. It was a Tuesday, so we agreed that they should pick the dumpster on the same day two weeks later. My friends and I put our gloves on, and the demolition began. We took all of the damaged walls down, cleared out the plumbing, dismantled the old wooden windows, and threw everything in the dumpster.

Quick service

Ten days later, we were done with the messy part of the job. The dumpster was full, and we didn’t need it anymore. It was Monday, three days before the original time we set. I was hoping that they could take the dumpster away on that day. One quick phone call was enough for them to send a truck and pick up the dumpster. The dumpster removal company was so polite; they reduced my bill because I had the dumpster for 11 days, not two weeks. I didn’t expect that they would do that, but this small gesture made me really happy. Dumpster rentals in North Dakota are the best in the country.