Dumpster rentals for Wind Farm in North Dakota

North Dakota is known for its strong winds, and that’s the main reason why we at WindToday decided to expand our operation. We are currently working on rebuilding an outdated wind farm near Fargo, ND. Wind farms a way of producing energy in a clean way with little or no waste. Before we could start the generators up, we had to dismantle and discard all of the old rusty parts we don’t need.

Too much waste

The problem started when we realized that there was so much waste, we didn’t know what to do with it. The only way to solve it was to get in touch with a dumpster rental company that was in the area. We took the phone and asked about their offer. We found out that there are a couple of different dumpster sizes we can get. Since we had tons of waste like old rusted pipes, electrical wiring, motors, and other machinery, we asked for the biggest dumpster they had.

The deal

Time was of the essence, so we asked the company to deliver one dumpster. We got only one because we wanted to see if the dumpster rental company did their job as promised. Sure enough, two hours later, a big truck arrived with the rolling dumpster we asked for. The guys from the truck were very polite, and they had a smile on the entire time. The deal was struck, and we agreed that they would come to pick it up tomorrow morning.

They were supposed to arrive for the dumpster at 11 A.M sharp, so we were a little surprised to see them 10 minutes earlier. Two men came and asked us if everything was to our expectation. Again, we were impressed by the level of professionalism they approach their work. They attached the crammed dumpster to the truck and came to our office to do some papers.

Extended partnership

We had a lot more waste that needed to go, and after our first dumpster was delivered and picked up on time, we decided to extend our collaboration with that dumpster removal company, so we ordered four of the biggest dumpsters to arrive tomorrow morning. Once again, the company sent out trucks with dumpsters just as promised and we managed to clear all the waste out sooner than expected. We have replaced all the broken and outdated parts, and the wind turbines are producing power at full capacity once more.