Dumpster Rentals Combined With Wind Power

The 20th century will be remembered in the future as the century of the deadliest wars in history, and the time of great pollution. The heavy industry and the invention of cars, and other air and water polluters have made a huge impact on the environment. We at WindToday are well aware of the havoc that was caused by huge power plants that produce tons of toxic waste, and that’s the main reason why we turned to wind power.

Wind turbines are a clean way of getting energy with almost no waste. We have a number of facilities across the U.S., and one of them is located in North Dakota. Even though we utilize the power of the wind to create electricity through an entirely mechanical process, we still have waste in the form of electrical wiring, old tubing, oil cans, and so on. Since there is not that much of it, we pile it up in a small area behind our main building. Once it fills up, we call a dumpster removal company to take care of it.

One goal – keep the environment as healthy as possible

Over the years, we have worked with a couple of companies that deal with waste. We stopped collaborating with most of them because we found out that some of them didn’t dispose of the waste they took from us in the right way. Our primary goal is to clean the environment from pollution, so it’s obvious why we were so disappointed and furious to find out that our waste was doing the pollution we are fighting against.

Luckily, we heard all the best about the dumpster removal companies here in North Dakota, which is one of the most intact states in the U.S. We decided to give them a call and find out how they work and what happens with the waste they picked up. The company manager ensured us that the waste that’s picked up ends up at a sorting plant. From there on, the waste that can be used again enters the recycling process, and the waste that can’t be re-used is taken to a land field and disposed of there.

The answer we got was what we wanted to hear, so we hired the company to haul the waste away. They arrived on time and got everything on the truck. We thought everything went fine, but then we got a call from the dumpster rental company. They called up to see if we were happy with their services and if we wanted them to provide us with a dumpster with our company logo on it. They would leave it at our wind farm free of charge, and the only thing we have to pay for is the hauling process once the dumpster is full. We were very pleasantly surprised with the offer, and now we do business at least once a month.